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Kamps Backstube

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Kamps Backstube

In 1982 the first Kamps bakery opened in Dusseldorf, North Rhine Westphalia. Today there are around 400 stores and are Germany's most famous bakery. It is our delicious bakery products for which we are so particularly appreciated. 
Our success confirms our unique approach: We serve about 6 million satisfied customers every month. That’s about 9.2 million breads and 77 million buns sold per year. 

To enable this, we focus on a highly effective production. We use state of the art production facilities combined with traditional craftsmanship in order to continuously keep our standards on a high level. 

Therefore, we are able to supply each and every of our retailers with fresh and tasty products on a daily basis.
Kamps bakery branches can be found at 48 train stations, 8 airports, 60 malls, 55 highstreets, 172 urban areas and 141 supermarket checkout-zones. A major success made possible by our most important ingredient: Our people.