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burger BRO

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat
09:30 am - 08:00 pm

burger BRO

At burger BRO, customers get to know burgers in a new way. Inspired by travels through England and America, we promise in our restaurant: best burger quality in a relaxed atmosphere!

We offer our burgers in different variations and side dishes. How would you prefer your burger? Classic? With crispy bacon? Fiery hot with chilli? With chicken or extra cheese? With us, everyone gets their money's worth.
For vegetarians, we also have delicious meatless or low-carbohydrate alternatives.

You can choose between different types of bread. Our buns (rolls) are made daily by a bakery, according to our recipe and delivered fresh. Our finest "Homemade Burgers" are prepared with juicy meat patties, which we constantly make fresh on site. We use meat from the Schleswig-Holstein region. In addition, our entire range is 100% Helal.

Freshness is what makes our burgers taste good! Through the so-called front or live cooking, you can convince yourself of our fresh ingredients and the preparation.